Earlier this year we gave some tips on looking for sponsorships as a part of your overall marketing strategy. Now it’s time to tackle the execution part. How do you deliver a successful event?

Once you’ve signed on the dotted line to sponsor an event the real work begins. How will this event meet your overall marketing objectives? Will it drive:

  • Brand awareness,
  • Brand engagement and trial
  • Or sales leads

You need to set clear KPIs around the event, a real business reason to be there. It’s not just about pretty fairy lights, a nice floral table decoration and a comfy ottoman to sit on. It’s about making sure there are real measurable results.

So how do you make sure your sponsorship of an event is leveraged correctly? Here are three things to consider:

Engagement Pieces at the Event

  • Ensure you understand the event’s audience and create a piece of content/giveaway/experience that connects your brand to that event. And make it good! For example, we executed a large event build and activation for RACQ and their naming rights partnership of Queensland’s largest event EKKA. One of our most successful content/giveaway pieces was a personalised name plate for kids’ bikes/bedroom doors. A simple, yet personalised and effective way to bring to life RACQ’s brand values, exceeding all expectations with over 14,000 created for EKKA fans

Location of your Activation at the Event

  • Ensure the set-up of your activation is at the heart of the event your sponsoring. No point spending a heap of marketing dollars on sponsorship and on-site activation if no one can see or find you. Make sure your brand standouts and is highlighted in the best possible way. Smart simple styling, signage and a clever floorplan. You want fans to see what you’re selling/promoting. No point filling a space for the sake of it and people can’t engage in the space the way you want them to. Don’t over-capitalise either. Be smart with your event budget, negotiate with suppliers and leverage partners to ensure costs are kept to a minimum

Legal and Insurance before the Event

  • The serious but very important stuff, legal and insurance. Make sure you, your suppliers and the event have the appropriate insurances. If you’re building structures, make sure they’re considered and inspected by engineers to ensure they’re safe, especially if people are standing on them. We built a house (Yep, a house. In just 5 days!); walls, doors and floor under a heritage listed Queenslander for RACQ, so we understand the complexities and pressures. You have to be prepared for the worst case scenario, so have all of your legal, insurances and workplace health and safety in check before you’re on site

So, are you ready to start planning your big event? Yes! Great. Remember to: 

  • Set clear KPIs as to why you’re there and have invested
  • Measure the KPIs in the lead up, during and post
  • Ensure they meet your overall business objectives