Only nine weeks until Christmas. Yep. That’s only eight more weekends before the big man arrives. Is your business ready? If you haven’t started your Christmas marketing strategy, you’ve already missed out. Big time.

For most businesses, the Christmas period is one of the biggest, if not THE biggest retail periods of the year, so why wouldn’t you take careful consideration when planning your marketing strategy?

Here are some of the steps we take when building out Christmas campaigns for our clients. It helps us stay one step ahead.

Step 1

Make sure your whole business is aligned to your marketing strategy for the Christmas period. Your store displays, menu items, website and other collateral should feature your offers clearly and drive customers to purchase your featured products. Consistency is key and don’t have too many priorities. Keep It Simple.

Step 2

You should be live with a considered strategy by October, no later.

Step 3

Beware. Christmas is the most expensive time of the year to advertise. So, if you get started early, you might not need to throw last minute funds at a rushed campaign a week before Christmas. it will be super expensive and you might struggle to get your message away. Space on most media outlets starts filling by October, so get in early and do your deals when they’re open to negotiating.

Step 4

Your strategy should include a considered mix of media based on your budget. We suggest an 8-12 week campaign to drive momentum and test your campaigns. If you know you only have a couple of thousand to spend a month, start with social media both from a content and an advertising point of view. Start driving your sales tactics/offers here and test the market in October, by November you should have an understanding of what’s working sales wise so you can then run the offer that’s driving the best ROI in December.

Use any extra budget on other forms of media to drive the right messages home. Radio, TV, print and partner collaborations will drive your message even further to a mass audience.

GetJackD! tip: Too many priorities will confuse the market, so be considered and give yourself time to test. Don’t get twisted up in knots with so many offers you lose focus before the big day. Stick to no more than 2 or 3 messages tops.

Step 5

Tell stories and keep it light. Christmas is a time for giving so draw on nostalgia and powerful emotions to drive people into your business. Highlight your support for charities at this time too and integrate it into your content strategy on social media. Have fun. Don’t be the Grinch that stole Christmas.

So, need some help with your Christmas marketing strategy? Get in touch, we’re only nine weeks out from the big man arriving. Email us at