Think bigger is better? Well, not always (we say with a cheeky grin). Big agencies often come with big price tags and not necessarily bigger service. You might think we’re a little biased but here’s 6 main reasons why you should choose a smaller agency for your business:

  1. Agility & Flexibility. Smaller agencies are nimble

Bigger often means more processes and office politics to break through. Smaller agencies are nimbler and have less red tape so can move quickly, achieving faster results. Less bureaucracy also allows smaller agencies to be more proactive versus purely reactive.

  1. No Cookie-Cutter Solutions

Large agencies often have a list of ‘go-to’ solutions. Smaller agencies think outside the box offering up refreshing and innovative gems for your business.

Campaigns are tailored and 100% suited to a business and marketing objective. We can even help you set them. Small agencies know they need to create, build and deliver stellar results to continue to survive and thrive in business.

If you’re business doesn’t thrive, our business doesn’t thrive.

  1. Individual Focus & Attention

A simple fact, bigger agencies have several layers of hierarchy, meaning you’ll probably have the ‘junior burgers’ working on your campaigns once you sign on that dotted line. Not cool.

Founders and Directors of small agencies will most likely be the ones working on your business so you’re getting the most senior, experienced people working for you.

  1. Culture. They Have It

Smaller agencies haven’t gotten so big; they’ve lost their identities.

Smaller agencies are generally started by entrepreneurs and visionaries. They’re also the ones hiring their team members so ensure the team is chosen based on a shared company ethos and vision.

Founders and Directors will tend to be more involved with their team. There’s more encouragement and talent is nurtured. It’s about having the right people, not just people filling an office and a timesheet.

  1. Price

No real shocker here… The bigger agencies have higher overheads and considerably ‘more mouths to feed’ so fees and charges will be higher.

  1. Smaller agencies will ‘make it work’

Not governed by strict systems, ridiculous rate cards and unnecessary hierarchies, small agencies will go above and beyond to make it work for your business.

Again if you don’t thrive, we don’t thrive.

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