At GetJackD! Media we’re firm believers in the power of working remotely. As an 100% distributed team of dedicated media, marketing and brand activation professionals, we deliver big results for our clients.

True. We don’t have big fancy offices with table tennis tables perched high in a treehouse built over a glass floor with an endless beer keg; but, we do have an award-winning team focused on doing their best work with the freedom and flexibility to work productively and creatively from anywhere.

It’s our firm belief that it shouldn’t matter where people are getting the work done, as long as they are focused and working hard each day to deliver on the briefs and projects for our clients. An analysis of Australian Bureau of Statistics data reveals the number of employed people who work from home has dramatically risen from 20 per cent of the entire labour force to 30 per cent in 15 years. So, we know we’re not alone in this belief and the proof is there; it’s on the rise because it works!

Here are three reasons why we love working remotely:


With no office distractions and greater autonomy, as remote workers, we have the freedom to get more done. Something we know most people crave. A 2016 Oxford Economics survey of 1200 executives found the ‘ability to focus and work without interruption’ was the most important attribute of their workplace. Millennials (those roughly aged 25 to 36) were especially distracted by noisy workplaces.

When you work remotely you control your environment. If there’s too many distractions at home, head to the park, the beach or a coffee shop. Many a GetJackD! presentation or conference call has been finished off in the quiet of a parked car or corner of a cafe!


We make the best teammates. We don’t sweat the small stuff because we don’t have the time to and we’re not locked into an office environment with the politics, personalities and posses. Our physical distance demands more communication. Clear and concise communication that has purpose, leading to stronger collaborations and a no BS approach to getting tasks done.

And, if we do need to come together as a team on-site for a brand activation or project, we appreciate and respect each-other’s time and celebrate the wins together.


Office life is littered with absences. Staff calling in sick or sneaking out early to run an errand. But as remote workers, we’re not tied to an office so we can design our days to make it work for us and our clients. We’re not upset when we take 10pm conference calls with London to work through a project or resolve a problem if needed, we just factor it into our workday. It’s what we do to get the job done.

Funny story: I remember landing into Tokyo to a client brief. We just checked into our AirBnB, connected the Wi-Fi, delivered the brief response and then went out and explored the city. We design our lives and our clients are a part of them, not just for the 48 weeks of the year, Mon-Fri, 9am-5pm that we’re contracted to do so.

This makes our team of remote workers more present for the work and the teams we’re working with.

So, if you’re not on board with remote workers, you should be. At GetJackD! our marketing, media, digital, production and event specialists cut through the noise and focus on what really matters: meaningful work that drives clear results all while being happy doing it.