‘Tis the season! We’re under 4 weeks away from when the big man arrives. Christmas spirits are high. The Christmas decorations are out and it’s that time of the year where businesses battle it out for the most popular Christmas campaign. From Christmas campaign newcomers to veterans whose ads we wait for every year, brands are going bigger and better than ever before.

Here’s some of our favourites from around the world (so far):

Amazon ‘Give a Little Bit’ (Global)

Amazon’s delivery boxes come to life in their new global campaign featuring Roger Hodgson’s ‘Give A Little Bit.’

Apple ‘Sway’ (Global)

Sam Smith’s ‘Palace’ features in this slick theatrical short film highlighting a chance encounter with 2 NYC dancers.

John Lewis ‘Moz The Monster’ (UK)

The king of the Christmas campaign John Lewis is back with Moz the Monster.

Lego Australia ‘Build Together’ (Australia)

A big foot interrupts Santa’s planning as he gets flung away from home but friends help to bring him back.

Heathrow ‘It’s a Wonderful Flight’ (UK)

Heathrow releases a heart-warming sequel to last year’s ‘Coming Home for Christmas’ featuring the 2 cutest teddy bears.

Myer ‘Elf’s Journey’ (Australia)

Myer is back with their quartet of quirky characters, Elf, Reindeer, Mouse and Angel.

Manor ‘The Drawing’ (Switzerland)

Switzerland department store Manor takes you through the journey of what happens when Santa can’t decipher a kids drawing in one of his North pole letters.

David Jones ‘Now it Feels Like Christmas’ (Australia)

It’s a nostalgic take on coming home for Christmas for this Gingerbread Man.

Marks & Spencer ‘Paddington & The Christmas Visitor’ (UK)

Paddington Bear saves Christmas from an unlucky burglar in this years Marks & Spencer ad.

Pandora ‘DO Get What You Wish For’ (UK)

There’s no room for confusion as people leave ‘subtle hints’ for their loved ones about what to get them for Christmas.