As 2017 begins to wind down and we start indulging in all the Christmas delights over the silly season, we at GJM turn our attention to what marketing trends lie ahead of us in 2018.

2017 brought us new technologies such as Google Home and the iPhone X as well as international retailers like Amazon and Decathlon launching in Australia so it’s more important now than ever before for businesses to be one step ahead when planning their marketing efforts.

So, what does 2018 have in-store for us? Here are some of our predictions:

Integrated marketing strategies are a must

In todays cluttered market, it’s crucial to cut through the clutter using different forms of media to reach your intended market. Whether its incorporating social media with a radio campaign, integrated marketing activities enable businesses to send out consistently branded messages whilst reaching as wide an audience as possible.

Live Events Will be a Focus

Live events and the ability to personally connect with your targeted audience is one of the most effective marketing tools and with the decline in organic reach through digital channels decline, events will make a resurgence.

Whether it’s through hosting their own specialised events, sponsoring and activating at contextually relevant events or participating in exhibitions and networking functions, 2018 will see marketers return to face to face interaction and personalised communication not only to reach the existing customers/clients but prospective customers/clients as well.

Instagram to Challenge Facebook

Instagram has had a bumper year in 2017 with over 800 million people using the platform each and every month and we anticipate this growth and popularity to continue well into 2018.

Instagram has proven it gets higher engagement than Facebook and we’ve already seen the social media platform outdo Snapchat with their Instagram Stories, just a year after going live so it’s no surprise that marketers will be investing more marketing dollars on Instagram.

Video Content and Live Streaming

Video content and live streaming will continue to dominate the market in 2018. With video content and streaming contributing to over 75% of internet traffic in 2017, we see no signs of it slowing down.

More people will watch video content over static imagery, it delivers the best return on investment and the platforms are all investing in video technology only making it more attractive for marketers.

Protection of Customer Information

In this uncertain world we live in, the ability of businesses to protect customer information is crucial. The ability for a business to prove that a customers information is safe can actually become a useful sales tool. It may be the difference between getting that client/customer or not so ensuring your business has protection safeguards will be crucial.

Influencer Marketing

While we’ve seen a huge amount of change in regards to how brands engage influencers in 2017 and how the social media platforms allow users to promote products, influencer Marketing will remain and continue to evolve and grow into 2018. Most businesses will still find it effective and audiences will prefer the less-staged and more natural content influencers produce (when done right!) over the hard sell.

Smarter automation

We’ve seen huge advancements in the technology behind Artificial Intelligence and Chatbot technology in 2017 and it’s only going to get more sophisticated and easy to use in 2018.

Automated technology such as Chatbots allow businesses to:

  • Reach a wider audience but maintain a more personal touch
  • Assist with simple customer care queries whilst improving operational efficiencies
  • Learn more about your audience through the gathering and analysing of data and customer feedback