When buying media, we offer so much more than a 30 second spot. Content solutions are key.

We leverage every relevant media channel—TV, radio, digital, social, outdoor or print—to drive outcomes across the right platforms. We also oversee and produce content while leveraging the latest content marketing techniques.

Marketing Plans

Creating an effective marketing plan requires the expertise of specialists with experience across all channels, and proven results. Our award-winning team helps clients understand how the market perceives their business, defines key communication messages and devises strategies that will grow your customer base. Targets are always measurable and our reporting includes post project analysis.

Media Plans and Negotiation

There are no one-size-fits-all media plans. Every business needs a unique solution. With so many media channels, GetJackD! Media’s experience is the difference between success and failure. We define the right marketing objectives, determine key messages, oversee creative and production, negotiate with all stakeholders, and manage budget allocation. Our team will show you what success looks like via clear KPIs and transparent reporting.

Marketing and Media Consultancy

Even the most well-staffed marketing team can face hurdles, especially when confronted by the ever-changing terrain of digital marketing. It’s GetJackD! Media’s mission to be the most knowledgeable and up-to-date resource for our clients, whether it’s direct, personal consultancy or access to our affordable online media and marketing courses: GetJackD! Method.


The sole aim of GetJackD! Media’s partnership with Wanderlust across 2014-2016 was to build brand awareness and sell tickets to their events across Australia and New Zealand. Year one was about brand awareness in this market as a new event, year two focused on brand awareness and ticket sales, and year three to maximise ticket sales – we delivered sell out results.

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GetJackD! Media worked with Colour & Coconuts to develop a comprehensive digital media strategy driving brand awareness and ticket sale for the Colour & Coconuts Wellness Festival in Sydney.

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