The Brief

Deliver a creative solution to educate the 2022 EKKA audience on the Norco Farm to Glass story.

The Solution

GetJackD! Media brought the farm to glass story to life through:

Norco Farm: created a relaxed environment for people to sit around a campfire, play games like giant Jenga and connect 4.

Norco Milking Station: Two real cows were available across the day for the EKKA audience to milk. Videos were also played highlighting the milk production process at Norco farms.

Norco Shop: Once the cows were milked, were to encourage people to sit in a Norco Truck showcasing the milk journey from farm to shop. A 2D Truck decal was set up providing a photo opportunity for kids to sit in the drivers seat.

From the truck, audiences were to walk through the Norco Shop where we set up a supermarket scene featuring two stocked Norco fridges. We then moved the audience to the kitchen and, the glass. This Lifesize glass finished the farm to glass story with milk caps used to redeem a free sample from a milk cart located at the front of the shed beside the Norco retail trailers.

The Results
  • Over 5,400 families milked a cow in the space
  • Doubled 2019 EKKA sales on flavoured milk
  • Over 5,000 Norco Full Cream Milk Samples were handed out