The Brief

Brisbane’s EKKA is a chaotic 10 days in August. It’s a hive of activity with multiple brands and experiences for fans to interact with. GetJackD! Media’s role was attract attention in a busy environment and drive consideration of UBER to and from EKKA.

The Solution

As The Official Ride of the EKKA, we wanted to ensure the rides didn’t stop the moment fans jumped out of their UBER and entered the EKKA gates. We created the UBER ARCADE, a 100% free family fun space with basketball, a skill tester, table tennis and mobile phone chargers for fans to use across the day and night.

Located at gate 2 and beside the community stage ensured we captured audiences between shows until 4:30pm daily, with friends and family competing against each other across three game zones. Fans that achieved the highest score on the basketball games were given the chance to play the skill tester to win $500 free UBER credit. This was a huge draw card in the space.

3,500 drink bottles were given out across the 10 days, over 5000 $10 ride home for free vouchers were handed out, with an excess of 10,000 people entering the space dwelling for approximately 5-10mins each, playing multiple games and charging their mobile phones.

Over 21,000 trips taken to and from EKKA, up 62% YOY with 90% picked up in under 6 mins.